Cold Brew Optimized Evil Coffee Grinds

You may or may not realize it but how your coffee is ground plays an extremely important role in how your Evil Coffee cold brew will taste.  

Roast Rules

There is no optimal roast style best suited for cold brew, like all coffees it's an individual preference as to what your palette prefers.  However it is important to note that it's recommended that if you're using a lighter roast for your Evil Coffee cold brew, plan for a longer extraction time to maximize the flavor you're after. 


Grind Variable

Coarse grind and burrs over blades!  We want your Evil Coffee grinds to feel like  beach sand between your fingertips.  Coffee ground via burr grinders are superior to blade grinders, the culprit is heat.  Blades produce a ton of heat during the grinding process which negatively affects your coffee's taste while burrs remain cool by comparison preserving your coffee's taste.  

Evil Coffee cranks it to 11 when it comes to our cold brew grind.  Quite literally, our our Evil Coffee Cold Brew grind setting is "11" on our Mahlkonig EK43 grinder, the absolute coarsest we're capable of grinding.  Why's this make for the raddest cup of beanwater?  Coarse grinds allow water to easily flow around the grounds allowing maximum extraction of the robust flavor Evil Coffee cold brewers have come to love.


So what's Evil Coffee's go to cold brew recipe? We're working on that blog post now and it will be live in a week or two.  Until then, if you're after cold brew specific beans but don't want to grind them yourself.  You'll be stoked to know that every specialty coffee available through Evil Coffee, even subscriptions, are available in a cold brew specific grind


Extract, experiment & enjoy, 


-Ross D