We have decided to accept sponsorship applications year round and will reach out during the first week of each month and award sponsorship, valid through the end of 2021 to those who catch our eye.

We prioritize creativity, uniqueness and thus prefer to receive sponsorship applications via mail, but we will accept applications via email (for now). You can email your application to ross@evilcoffeecompany.com or mail it to Ross Dantonio - 1279 Rome Corners Road - Galena, Ohio 43021. Your application should include:

  • Cover Letter - Explaining who you are and why you want to ride for EVIL Coffee.

  • Resume - Showcasing your results, goals, aspirations and current sponsors. Links to your social networks, letters of reference, and if applicable, large scale creative projects you have or will be working on.

  • Report Card - If still in school

  • Action Photos

  • Head and Shoulders Photo

  • Video - Showcasing your skills (If applicable)


Free coffee, special blends, rad one off products, photo / film projects, and even paychecks await. We remember the feeling of being awarded our first sponsorship and can’t wait to share that stoke. We encourage everyone from beginners to professionals to apply and look forward to hearing from you.



-Ross Dantonio


PS: Really want to get our attention? We would love to receive your application in video form. Get creative and have fun!